Flight Training

Private Pilots Licence

Ever thought of getting your private pilots licence?

Murchison Heli Tours is well equipped to get you through it. We are able to cater for a variety of needs and can create a training plan that enables you to gain your licence in a suitable time frame. Our Guimbal Cabri G2 is an exceptionally good training aircraft, well suited to New Zealand’s diverse environment.

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Commercial Helicopter Licence

Choosing to fly helicopters for a career is an exciting adventure.

At Murchison Heli Tours we pride ourselves on teaching above and beyond the accepted standard for obtaining a commercial helicopter pilots licence. 

As well as holding an Airline Flight Examiner and B Category Flight Instructor Rating, Rob is one of the most experienced Cabri Pilots in the world using for both commercial and flight training operations.

Learning to fly within a commercial helicopter operation will also give you ‘real world’ experiences that will be extremely valuable to you in your future flying career.