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Helicopter Flight Training

Choosing to fly helicopters for a career is an exciting adventure.

At Murchison Heli Tours we pride ourselves on teaching above and beyond the accepted standard for obtaining a commercial or private helicopter pilots licence. Our diverse, raw and remote backyard will provide you with an amazing classroom second to none.

Learning to fly within a commercial helicopter operation will also give you ‘real world’ experiences that will be extremely valuable to you in your future flying career. You will be involved with the commercial side of the operation to ensure you get the best from your training.

Unlike the big flight schools we only take a limited amount of students at any one time. This will ensure you will get the flying you need to to complete your licence in a timely manner.

As well as being an experienced commercial pilot Rob also holds an Airline Flight Examiner, B Category Flight Instructor Rating and is one of the most experienced Cabri Pilots in the world. Rob holds a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning and spent his early years teaching both in NZ and abroad. He knows how to teach and get the best from his students.

If you have any questions about flight training or a career as a helicopter pilot, we are only to happy to help.  Get in touch today.

‘Rob did a great job training my Grandson! He sets very high standards which is very important, I would recommend Rob to anyone who wants to be trained for the real world of Heli Flying.’    

Dick Deaker


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