3266 Kawatiri Murchison Highway Murchison

New Zealand


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Heli Biking -The Old Ghost Road 

Heli biking is an ultimate mountain biking experience and here at Murchison Heli Tours we are extremely fortunate to have  one of the worlds best tracks right on our back doorstep.

With the use of the helicopter we are able to take away that painful uphill grind you may be dreading.


Our AS350  Helicopter is able to transport you and your bike on specially designed racks to various locations along the trail. Locations include -Lyell Carpark , Lyell Saddle Hut, Ghost Lake Hut, Stern Valley Hut, Specimen Point Hut, Rough and Tumble Lodge, Seddonville.

Prices start from $199 per person

HELI Shuttle


A hugely popular option are heli transfers from one end to other to avoid shuttling your vehicle.

Prices start from $250 per person


Gear Drops
Mountain biking up steep gradients can be hard enough. Put the weight of a pack on your back and things just got a lot harder.
With the utilisation of our Cabri G2 helicopter we are able to take the weight off your shoulders, making your ride far more enjoyable. We can drop food, beverages and packs into your desired location. Call Murchison Heli Tours now to plan.
Prices start from $450 per helicopter load

Old Ghost Road in a Day Challenge

Meet  at Murchison Heli Tours early in the morning to enjoy the best time of the day to fly to the one of the higher spots on the track.  Pedal the best parts of the track to either Seddonville or Speciman Point Hut to where your helicopter will pick you up at a prearranged time and transport you back to Murchison.

There is also the option to fly in one day, stay the night at a hut or campsite and get picked up the following day,

Prices start from $500 per person.

A good level of fitness is needed for this one!!!!

For Hut Bookings, Track Fees and more Information about The Old Ghost Road please visit https://oldghostroad.org.nz