Guimbal Cabri G2

Designed in France by former Eurocopter aerodynamicist Bruno Guimbal, the G2 is the perfect 2 seat aircraft for the Murchison environment. Fitted with a modern instrument panel, three bladed rotor system and fenestron tail rotor. It even has a hook for lifting loads!!!!

The G2 is an extremely useful  helicopter, used for pest control, mustering operations and flight training.

AS350 B3 Squirrel

With a lifting capacity of up to 1400kgs, IKA, our AS350 B3 is an extremely capable helicopter. If you require large amounts of material  moved. This is the aircraft to be used as its hard to beat the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the B3.

7 seats 


​1200 Litre Fire Bucket, Remote Hook, Concrete Buckets, Gravelling Buckets, Pod.
Heavy Lighting

AS350 BA

Being one of the most versatile helicopters in the world the AS350 was the perfect choice for  our operation. Our AS350 is one of the most luxurious BA’s around, but can quickly be configured into an extremely useful commercial aircraft.
​Seats 6- Bike Racks-Fire Bucket-Cruise 110kts-Max lift 750kg (External Load)