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The Kahurangi Experience

Experience a breathtaking flight through New Zealand’s second largest National Park.

Created in 1996, Kahurangi  is one of New Zealand’s newest national parks.

Translated, its name has a number of meanings including ‘treasured possession’, which gives good reason as to why this area has been established as a National Park.

New Zealand’s oldest landforms, waterfalls, the rugged untamed beauty of the West Coast, Kahurangi Point, Mt Olympus, Boulder Lake and much more. 

Take in the beauty of its complex geologically. Ancient sea floors that have been abruptly pushed up to mountainous heights, ripped apart by massive land movements with parts crumbling into dramatic valleys that were once carved by glaciers.  Caves and sink holes line the landscape formed  through millions of years of water wearing through limestone and marble.

The native fauna seems endless with giant Podocarp Forest stretching for what seems an eternity.

Along with a preserved Moa leg found in the caves of Mount Owen Kahurangi also lays claim to New Zealand’s oldest fossil (540 million years old).

Seeing Kahurangi by air will give you an appreciation of the size and sheer beauty like no other.


What To Bring
Wear sensible comfortable covered shoes and dress appropriately for the weather conditions. We fly in an alpine environment.

Remember to bring your camera, sunscreen, sunglasses and insect repellent.

Additional Information & Cancellations

Minimum passenger numbers apply. Murchison Heli Tours reserves the right to up-grade passengers or merge flights for operational reasons or flight management purposes if required.

Flight is weather dependent. Weather checks are made one hour prior to departure and where appropriate Murchison Heli Tours will offer alternative options. Occasionally flight paths or landing locations may alter at the pilot’s discretion. Phone 03 523 9951 for a weather check.


2 hours

From $850 / pp (based on 6ppl)